The "Law of Attraction" has a very enticing promise: The ability to manifest anything you want or desire through belief and intention...    But, does it WORK?

Some People Are Very Successful With Attraction
While Others Fail Time and Time Again!

     Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Tom Murasso, Internationally known self-empowerment author and Law of Attraction life coach, reveals EXACTLY what you need to KNOW – and what you need to DO – to make this amazing Universal Principle work in your life.

     Who is Tom Murasso? Well, probably the best-kept secret in the self-development field. He is the author of seven books on the Art of Conscious Creation and has helped thousands of people all over the world uncover their infinite potential and discover their innate ability to DELIBERATELY MANIFEST the lives of their dreams!

   I noticed the things I desired would not manifest and Tom taught me some things I've never realized before. I then came to understand all the things I was doing wrong that would block what I wanted! It was really simple once I knew the missing pieces to the puzzle! –Ernest Jankowich

So, Why Does the Law of Attraction
Work for Some People and Not for Others?

     The "Secret" movie made it appear so straightforward: Ask, believe, and receive. Yet for some, the Law of Attraction appears to work magically while others try and try and have nothing but apparent failure. Without meaningful results, people can't help but wonder if the Law of Attraction is the latest and greatest hype out there or what.

Can You Blame People for Feeling This Way?
Maybe YOU Feel the Same Way!

     Sure, the Secret movie was an amazing feel-good experience which promised amazing results… but it failed to instruct the viewer on EXACTLY how to do it!!!

     Simply put the Law of Attraction states: I attract into my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to… whether good or bad! Now, for the first time on audio mp3, Tom's amazing course, "Law of Attraction: What You’re Doing Wrong!" explains this Universal Law in simple terms and gives YOU the tools you need to stop attracting what you don't want and start attracting what you desire!

   The Law of Attraction was NOT working for me. I was feeling like a failure. I was unhappy, feeling guilty, frustrated, self-conscious, and desperate. What was I doing wrong? Well, after studying Tom's amazing program, I understood it was really only a couple of things causing my problems. Almost immediately I was able to course-correct and attract what I wanted! ─Beverly Warren

     Can you really make your wishes come true? YES! You can manifest and attract all the love, money, health and happiness you want! Dr. Tom's course will show you how to deliberately use the Law of Attraction. You'll receive the complete recipe of Creative Manifesting, with all the secret ingredients, and learn the specific steps necessary to create the life you dream about!

     Are you ready to discover exactly what you need to do to deliberately start attracting the life you desire? There's no need to wait any longer because Tom shows you how to unlock the mystery of manifesting anything you want in his brand new audio E-course, "The Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop."

     Based on Tom’s 40+ years of research in the field of metaphysics as well as his hard-hitting "The Art of Conscious Creation" workshops, these 5 jam-packed audio sessions show you EVERYTHING you need to make the Law of Attraction work for you!

The process for getting what you want

How to stop attracting what you don't want

The easiest way to keep negative people away

The 3-Step Scientific Manifesting Formula, simplified

The three words you use causing all your problems

Tools to make your dreams a reality

Application produces noticeable results instantly
Now YOU Can Bust Loose From the Hype
and Deliberately USE the Law of Attraction!
   Tom's course has completely changed my life. I have been studying the Law of Attraction for sometime but it seemed like everything I found was too much theory and no practical "how-to" for attracting what I wanted in my life. Tom teaches us the missing elements in the Law of Attraction process. It's a how-to-do-it workshop showing the steps needed to get clear about what you want, how to focus on your desire, and most importantly, how to allow your desire to manifest. –Ben Silly

     HOW to RAISE your vibrations ─ So many gurus out there are preaching about sending the right VIBRATIONS into the Universe in order to attract what you desire. Where are these vibrations coming from? What is causing those vibrations you are sending out? Tom shows you not only where your vibrational frequencies come from, but how to DELIBERATELY send them.

     It’s hard to believe, but your Subconscious is automatically set for FAILURE: It doesn't want you to be rich, prosperous, or even happy! Your Subconscious mind will NEVER make the Law of Attraction work for you or give you the desirable results you want. Even worse than that, you will attract into your life ONLY undesirable people, events and circumstances. That doesn't sound too good, does it? Now, you can learn how to turn that part of you off like a light switch and set your subconscious for SUCESS!

   This course is excellent! I love Tom's humor and simple working instructions of how to achieve our intentions, and the why's of how it may not be working. Tom is a great teacher! I'm incorporating these guidelines into my business and using the techniques with my clients. –Sylvia Ross

     Learn how to identify and ELIMINATE limited beliefs. The Law of Attraction will fail to materialize your desires if your Subconscious is clogged with beliefs, values and rules which opposes what you want to manifest. These buried beliefs are sending out the WRONG frequencies and unless you identify and eliminate them, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing what you don't want! These beliefs, values and rules must be eliminated BEFORE undertaking any new goal and Tom gives you the techniques on how to do so.

     Any negative attitudes and behaviors you have keep reinforcing limiting, negative beliefs, values and rules. Now you can learn how to change your beliefs, process values and bust your rules. Your attitudes will AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE and then your Subconscious will send out the positive vibrations to attract to you what you desire. Do you know how to 'reprogram' your values and eliminate conflicting values/rules? You will NOW!

     You will completely fail using the Law of Attraction to attract the good things/people you desire if you have any doubts. Doubts and fears will keep you generating more and more NEGATIVE subconscious programming and you will be keeping your frequencies ─ and your power to manifest ─ LOCKED into disbelief, lack and limitation. Very little energy/power is left to activate the Law of Attraction in any new direction you desire. Tom shows you how to ELIMINATE doubt and CELEBRATE your creative power.

     The Secret movie told us to visualize what we want and it is ours to have. But, it is important to understand that a FEW minutes of visualizing/imagining your goal as already achieved, and giving your desires attention and focus could be a wasted effort because the PREDOMINANT vibrations being sent out by your Subconscious mind may be keeping you locked in 'states' of no manifestation. The "Law of Attraction: Step-By-Step Workshop" shows you EXACTLY how to overcome this rarely talked about issue.

   I thoroughly enjoyed the "Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop"  I love how it is explained in simple terms that everyone can understand.  The step-by-step tools provided are clear and very fun to use.  Tom's down-to-earth, personal style of teaching is a joy. You feel right at home learning this information like you're listening to a special teacher or friend share their secrets with you.  I highly recommend this course to both people new to the Law of Attraction, and those (like myself), who have been familiar with it for some time. Great! ─Milena Morris

The Law of Attraction
Works in ALL Areas of YOUR Life!

It's Not a SECRET Anymore!
Tom Uncovers the Mystery for You!
Not Only Will You Know the LOA...
YOU Will Be Able to Deliberately USE It!
The 3-Step Deliberate Attraction Process

How to Change Your Vibrations

Allowing Your Desires into Your Life

Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Negative Blocks

Gratitude and Appreciation

Creating a Vacuum of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and Money

The Law of Attraction and Health

The Law of Attraction and Relationships

Bonus: Self-Hypnosis Script for Emotional Clearing

     Are you trying to use the Law of Attraction to create the things that you desire? Are you looking for love, health, riches... a new career? Still struggling to attract what you want? You're not alone. Most people are using the Law of Attraction to attract the people, situations and events they don't want, and to make matters worse, they don't even realize they're doing it!

How to USE this SCIENTIFIC PROCESS to get what you want!

How to STOP attracting what you DON'T want and attract more of what you do!

The EASIEST way to keep negative people away and keep your attitude positive!

The 3-Step MANIFESTATION formula. It's that easy and that simple!

What is the MAIN THING you must DO in order to receive the things you desire!

PROVEN creation systems for creating abundance optimum health, and loving relationships NOW!

     There are many books and courses on self-improvement and the Law of Attraction that attempt to teach you how to achieve what you desire. But, all those books and courses are usually lacking information on HOW TO actually achieve it.

Here Are the Step-By-Step
"Do This -Then This" Tools and Techniques
YOU NEED to Consciously Create What You Want!

     How much would it be worth to you if you had the power to live the life of your dreams and to manifest all that you desire? Would you sell all that you have in order to buy the information you need to realize the life of your dreams? The regular price for a workshop with Tom is $1,500.00. Your cost for this 5-session audio MP3 version, course materials and bonuses is just $449$295$197

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     For a limited time, people who respond to this offer will receive a personal one-on-one LOA phone consultation with Tom. That's RIGHT! Here's your chance to ask Tom anything you'd like about the manifestation process and help with solving any problems you may have attracting your desire.

 This coaching session alone is worth over $125- Act NOW!   

     Anyone who's not serious enough about their desire to manifest everything they dream of to invest in the "Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop" isn't going to take the time to really master and use the techniques found here anyway.


Here's What You Receive in This Amazing Course:
Five (5) professionally recorded high-quality audio MP3’s
     This is the meat & potatoes of the course. Tom leads you through all aspects of the Law of Attraction process starting with identifying exactly what you want and instructs you step-by-step on attracting - and receiving - your desires! Topics include money, health, career, and relationships.
Worksheets used in the course.
     Specifically developed for the course, this set of worksheets will help you organize your thought process, understand your feelings, help you remove doubts, focus your attention and energy, and keep track of your manifestation progress. Professionally designed to be used in a 3-ring binder if desired.
Tom's best-selling Law of Attraction book
     As an added Bonus, you'll receive an electronic version of Tom's guide to deliberate creation, "Born to Manifest: Law of Attraction Tools & Techniques." Take the LOA to the next level as you discover more about the Art of Conscious Creation, Following Your Bliss, Gratitude, and Living in the Now!
A Private One-On-One Coaching Session with Tom
     Sometimes we could use a little help in understanding this amazing process we call, Deliberate Attraction. Act NOW... and receive a private one-on-one consultation phone call with Tom Murasso. Thanks to the Internet, Tom can speak with anyone, anywhere on the planet!
   Conscious creation is our birthright.  We come into this world with an extraordinary capacity to manifest.  What happens however is that as we age we forget about how to use this power or that we even had it in the first place.  Tom's Law of Attraction course not only reminds you of this through his inspiring teaching style, but the fun exercises show you how to get reacquainted with creative power and put it back to use for personal results. Order this now. You'll be glad you did! ─Barry Goss


We've taken all the risk out of buying "The Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop" so you feel absolutely confident and safe when you buy. Our guarantee: We will refund your full payment, no questions asked, within 30 days of purchase.

     The information in course is not available anywhere else. This is the same information Tom covers in his workshops around the world. Now you can learn from the comfort of your home or office! But, do not purchase "The Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop" if you want your life to remain exactly as it is now...   Because, once you experience this course, your life will change forever!

Your purchase includes: Five (5) CD-Quality Audio MP3s, Course Worksheets,
and Tom's How-To Guide to LOA, "Born to Manifest: Law of Attraction Tools and Techniques."
ACT NOW! For a limited time, you'll also receive a FREE One-On-One Coaching Session with Tom!

A Personal Message from Tom Murasso

Dear Friends,

     You're reading this because you're ready to take charge of your life! It's time to become the person you were truly meant to be... a successful, lovable, attractive conscious creator of your reality. You owe this to yourself - take action NOW!

     You can apply what you learn from the "Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop" as soon as you want. It doesn't favor this or that religion, so the information won't conflict with your current belief system. A door of opportunity is opening for you. Take a step through the doorway into a new beginning. Here is your chance to become the person you know you were meant to be!

     I am already living the life that I desire and experiencing abundance, happiness and fulfillment. Therefore it is my desire to share my joy with others by showing YOU the law of attraction "do's and don'ts" I've developed so YOU may realize the same state for yourself.

     Sincerely yours,

     PS. If you're new to the Law of Attraction... You're in for a real treat! You've stumbled across the most advanced how-to workshop ever produced. I'll get you up-and-running and manifesting ANYTHING you desire, in just days! Change YOUR Life today... Order HERE!

     PPS. Beware of cheap imitations! The "Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Workshop" is ONLY available on THIS web site! It's not available in stores and you won't find it on ANY other site. If you want to discover these secrets, you MUST buy it from this site. Place your order HERE!

     PPPS. Remember, I absolutely GUARANTEE your satisfaction! Try out the entire course for thirty days. If you're not absolutely THRILLED with the results you're receiving, I'll give you a complete, no-questions-asked refund. It's totally NO-RISK – so when you're ready, Order HERE!

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